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Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

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September 2019 edition

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San Francisco Main Library



SAN FRANCISCO: meet at the Federal Building, 90 7th Street at 10:30

There will be a march down Market Street to the Embarcadero.

BERKELEY: meet at Sproul Plaza at 11 am

OAKLAND: meet at Laney College in the main quad, 900 Fallon St., at 10 am.

Keep in mind the US military is the world’s largest consumer of carbon and causes more pollution than 140 countries combined. And 64% of our discretionary budget is siphoned of to the Pentagon every year and to private weapons companies the Pentagon contracts with to place their short terms profit before the future of our planet.”

Alarmingly, “Scientists Have Been Underestimating the Pace of Climate Change,” write that we may have much less time to address the climate crisis than we think – maybe only 10-12 years to end our dependence on fossil fuels. Can those national leaders the UN Secretary General brings together on September 23rd rise to this challenge?

Moreover, the UN’s best guess is that unchecked climate change could produce a billion climate refugees this century. As Bill McKibben declares: “Think about that for a moment — a billion people whose lives would be utterly, permanently, devastatingly upended.” Already, we are witness to millions of climate refugees fleeing from food insecurity and famine due to drought and loss of water for household needs, and from disastrous weather events and floods.


A good way to become involved from your home is to join our Monthly One WILPF calls on the 2nd Thursday of the month. We hope you can join us.

Next ONE WILPF Call–Thursday, Oct 10, 4pm

To register click on link below and you only need to pre-register once

Past calls are available to listen to here:

Speakers on the September call included Gwen Hallsmith, talking about Climate Catrastrophy and the Climate Strike; Jessica Munger from MOVE TO AMEND. Jessica is the Move To Amend Coordinator for Arts & Culture, and spoke about the importance of art in our political actions; and Darien DeLu, WILPF US President, encouraging members to nominate themselves or others to be on the National Board, and also announced that becaue of the 2020 elections, the US WILPF Congress is going to be postponed until 2021.

Sunday, September 22, 11am : Second Anniversary Celebration of the Comfort Women Memorial, St. Mary’s Square, San Francisco. Near California St and Quincy see:

Wednesday, September 25, 5pm: Listen to a webinar entitled Back from the Brink: Organizing Locally to Prevent Nuclear War Speakers include people from Union of Concerned Scientists and Physicians for Social Responsibility

to register go to: https://register.gotowebinar/register/919273344688076269


Members of WILPF East Bay, Grandmothers Against War, Code Pink and Veterans for Peace have been working hard to get their website going with excellent handouts and information.

See the new web site:


Ann Fagan Ginger is an American lawyer, teacher, writer, and political activist. She is the founder and the Executive Director Emerita of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute in Berkeley. CA.

Ginger has been a visiting professor of law at Hastings, University of Santa Clara, Puget Sound Law Schools and San Francisco State. She is the author of 22 books and many articles, and lectures widely. She is an expert in human rights law and peace law under the statutes and treaties of the United States and the United Nations and has argued and won before the U.S. Supreme Court. She was the Chair of the City of Berkeley Commission on Peace and Justice from 1986-1989 and Vice-Chair from 1989-1999.

Ann Fagan Ginger was the wife of historian and author Ray Ginger (1924 – 1975).

Partial list of books by Ann Fagan Ginger

  • Holdings of Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute and ACLU 1920-1966 [1967]
  • The Relevant Lawyers;: Conversations out of court on their clients, their practice, their politics, their life style [1972]
  • Human Rights Case Finder, 1953—1969
  • The Law, the Supreme Court, and the People’s Rights [1977] ]
  • The National Lawyers Guild From Roosevelt through Reagan (ed.)
  • The Cold War Against Labor [1987]
  • Carol Weiss King: Human Rights Lawyer (1895-52)
  • Nuclear Weapons Are Illegal: The Historic Opinion of the World Court and How It Will Be Enforced [1998] Summary
  • Human Rights and Peace Law in the U.S. [2003]
  • Challenging U.S. Human Rights Violations since 9/11 [2005] Table of Contents
  • The Living Constitution (ed.) [2007]
  • Undoing The Bush-Cheney Legacy: A Tool Kit for Congress and Activists [2008]
  • The U.N. Declaration of Human Rights Is the Law: A Guide to U.D.H.R. Articles in Treaties Ratified by the U.S. (ed.) [2009]


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